Optimore's meaning : State of highest perfection

OPTIMORE Battery Condition Tester MD-300T

It is our great pleasure to introduce ourselves that ModooTronix Inc.(www.modootronix.com) is the leading developer and manufacturer of the Lead-acid Battery Regenerators in KOREA, and Modootronix Inc. is the sales & marketing company as the affiliated company of ModooTronix Inc. We have developed the most innovative battery restoration systems, and we are very happy to introduce our most advanced battery regenerators and dischargers through this opportunity.

¡®OPTIMORE¡¯ as the 3rd Generation from 2017

Through three generations of product developments over five years,  we finally completed OPTIMORE masterpieces for battery regeneration.

We are very much interested in supplying our products to your territory. We also are very interested in developing business with your company and, to the end we feel our respective companies may be able to generate something to our mutual advantage.

 OPTIMORE¡¯ series have the highest quality & restoration  performance, while the lowest prices! 

We expect that our products will be very salable items in your market because our innovative products are the New Renewable Energy Product by Green Technology.  The new renewable energy products in developing companies can benefit from payments as part of the Clean Development Mechanism of the Kyoto Protocol. Growth in renewable is inevitably supported through governments policy and these trends reflect strong growth and investment across all market sectors including battery renewal business.
We have confidence in our OPTIMORE regenerators that we have the world exclusive battery regeneration technology as well as the revolutionary epoch-making technology !!!

For our OPTIMORE battery regenerators, we dare say that they will be the best quality in the world since we are very proud of the incredible restoring quality and function with the simple operation and optimized regeneration algorithm. Some competitor's products are using a conventional SCR transformer with Low-frequency pulsation, however, they have some limitation on the quality charging and desulfation. Please try to test our products, and then you will be very satisfied with the restoration performance and charging quality, function and extended life time. They are really wonderful innovative products
OPTIMORE Regeneration Technology overcomes the limitation of all existing regeneration methods!!

All our employees will continue our efforts to meet consumers` demands with high and reliable quality of products. All of our products are manufacturing in KOREA.  We are very welcoming of your joining to be one of distributor in your territory.


It is very good for eco-friendly energy & cost saving business,
and there will be no other product as much as our saving results
against investing amount. I am sure that your government will also be
very encouraged and recommended this renewable energy business
for saving much money and energy.


Charging & Discharging Process

Lead-sulfate is created when a battery is discharged. Then, when charged, in principle all lead-sulfate changes back to its component materials --- lead, lead dioxide and sulfuric acid. However, as batteries age, hard lead-sulfate crystallizes on the surface of the electrode plates. This non-conductive material films the surface of the electrode plate causing a reduction in surface area needed for electrochemical reaction of the battery. It also reduces the batteries' component materials needed for the reaction. Heavily sulfated batteries, which do not hold charges, are often replaced prematurely and unnecessarily.

Chemical Response To Lead-Acid Battery¡¯s Discharge –  Electrolyte is made of dilute sulfuric acid (H2S04 + H2O).
Only sulfuric acid responds to chemical reactions. Thus, the electrolyte becomes more like water. It lowers the gravity and voltage of the electrolyte as the battery discharges. If continued discharged, active materials become lead sulfation (PbSO4). As a result, the battery discharges fully not to generate electricity any more. Over-discharge below certain voltage damages the battery internally to shorten its life. Thus, a battery of a passenger car should be discharged down to 10.5V (1.75/cell) in general.

Chemical Response To Lead-Acid Battery¡¯s Charge –  Water of the electrolyte becomes back to dilute sulfuric acid (H2S04 + H2O). Then, the gravity and the voltage of the electrolyte rise to its specified specification. When fully charged, the gravity and the voltage of the electrolyte does not rise anymore and water electrolysis accelerates, which generates hydrogen (H2) and oxygen (O2) gas a lot.

In particular, the gases generate actively at the end of the charge and at high-rate discharge. Hydrogen can burst and oxygen helps combustion. Thus, there should be no inflammables and fire around the battery when charged.

 * If not used a discharged battery, its grid becomes sulfation and an active material on the grid change into white crystal
    sulphation (that cannot be restored by charge).   It makes charging it more difficult as time goes by.


We have developed on the new products (All new innovation technology : New Brand Name = ¡°OPTIMORE¡±) to expand our business in Franchise.  It will be the first franchise for battery regeneration like a mixed concept of Printer Ink & Toner refill shop and office copy machine maintenance.  We believe that most towns will open the battery regeneration workshops at everywhere in near future.  We dare say that we can be the one in the world who has the total franchise solution for battery regeneration.

Of course, the other business fields will be also applied.  As the result of checking our OPTIMORE products for years so far, we have a very strong confidence that OPTIMORE products are all much superior to all other competitor's products.  We are very proud of our new revolutionary creations, we are very sure that we can be leading for the battery regeneration markets in the world sooner or later.  We will complete the total franchise solutions with these new developments.  Our new product ranges will create the perfect solution for your regeneration centers in any town.

¡®OPTIMORE¡¯ as the 3rd Generation from 2017



What is the OPTIMORE Battery Regenerator?

> It is the most innovative machine to restore used lead-acid batteries.

1. Can restore all kinds of lead-acid batteries if any cell was not physically damaged.

2. Can remove sulfate crystal on the plates entirely by the optimized real High-frequency pulse.

3. Can regenerate up to 90~110% capacity comparing with new battery¡¯s capacity. (Except disposal states of physical cell damages)

4. Can extend battery¡¯s life spans up to 2~3 times longer and delay by the battery¡¯s aging process.

5. Can save much costs by battery regenerations. (No more any saved recycle item than this regeneration)

6. Can restore batteries without any cell damage through optimized high-frequency pulse algorithm.

7. Optimized charging and regeneration algorithm data allows the most efficient way of recharging.

8. A full automatizing user interface.  (No better and easier interface than OPTIMORE machines)

9. Multiple-purpose machines : Regenerator, Charger, Discharger, Power Supply(Expert Mode) and Identification Tester.

10. The premium quality and performance with multiple functions, but the lowest prices. (Small Profits and Quick Returns)

¡®OPTIMORE¡¯ series have the highest quality & restoration performance, while the lowest prices!   

¢Â  Epoch-making technology in battery regeneration!   Forget all of the previous regenerators!!  
¢Â  OPTIMORE Regeneration Technology overcomes the limitation of all existing regeneration methods!!!

What is different between Charger and Regenerator ?

* Charger -
   It cannot improve the capacity and life span of battery.  Even though charger made
   a full charge, but already lowered capacity is not improved again.  
   (Including all kinds of rejuvenation chargers, pulse chargers and regenerator named

* Power Supply (General) - 
   It supports DC only.  It can make an equalization charging, however, it makes cell
   damages by higher voltage charging.  With an equalization charging, it makes all
   cells equalization, but it is limited to remove the sulfate crystals.  
   This is similar as our Power Supply Mode.  But the obvious difference is that all other
   Power Supply devices do not have real high-frequency pulse at all.  
   (Including all kinds of rejuvenation chargers, pulse chargers and regenerator named    chargers ? You can check it by Oscilloscope ; Measuring through two battery
   terminals (+ & -) while regenerating)

* OPTIMORE Regenerator
With the world exclusive high-frequency pulse and restoration algorithm, it can
   restore inside cells by melting sulfate crystals on the plates and grids, and it can
   improve its capacity and life span as almost similar as new battery condition.  
   OPTIMORE Battery regenerators were developed by the World Exclusive Technology,
   and these make the remarkable micro-bubble featured de-sulfation effects by
   the real high-frequency pulsations.  And these can make the highest charging
   performance for used-batteries. OPTIMORE technology is the revolutionary invention for
   battery life extension and cost savings!   

   Please note that OPTIMORE battery regeneration technology is unprecedented
   innovation. The exclusive high-frequency pulse regeneration technology with our
   particular algorithm can be changed on the whole paradigm of battery regeneration
   as well as maintenance method.

All kinds of used lead acid battery can be perfectly de-sulfated and restored if all cells were not physically damaged. If the specific gravity is low with a full charge it is because of the sulfate being deposited on the plates/grids instead of being in solution. Changing the electrolyte, or adding more acid won¡¯t help because of the sulfate already built up on the plates.
There is no way to clean the plates except possibly by using a battery pulse desulfator and high efficient restorer such as the OPTIMORE Regenerator.  

APPLICATION :  Electric Forklift, Golf Cart, Electric Wheelchair, Lift & Building Cleaner,
                        Automotive Vehicle, Heavy Equipment, Military, Agricultural Machine,
                        Boat, Train, Telecom Tower / UPS, Solar and others


(1) Telecom & Broadcasting - Telecom Tower UPS, Broadcasting UPS and other UPS
(2) Electric Forklift and Traction Equipment, Electric Wheel Chair and Golf Cart and Scrubber
(3) Automotive Vehicle - Passenger Car, Utility Car, Bus, Truck and other vehicles
(4) Agricultural Machinery - Tractor and other agricultural equipment
(5) Military Equipment - Tank, Armored Car, Military vehicles and other military equipment
(6) Boat & Train - Most of big vessels and boats
(7) Solar Power System - Solar Power Plant ; All kinds of storage batteries
(8) Battery Shops - New battery shops for inferior & dormancy batteries (supply as a Battery Physician)
(9) Battery Rental, Lease and Maintenance workshops in Franchise


1. Telecom Tower UPS and all other UPS (Maintenance & Regeneration Service company)

2. Electric Forklift Rental and Maintenance Company including Importers and Suppliers of
    Used Electric Forklifts.

3. Electric Lift, Car, Golf Cart, Scrubber and Wheelchair with lead-acid batteries.

4. Military Equipment (Vehicles, Tanks and other battery used equipment)
   - Government who in charge of Government¡¯s cost saving and reduction including Military.

5. All kinds of Vehicle battery related company (Car Repair Shop Chain, Truck, Bus) including Importers
   and Suppliers for All kinds of Used Vehicles.

6. Boat and Ships, Train Maintenance Company

7. Solar and Wind Power System, Renewable Energy Related Supplier

8. Wholesale and Retail sales company/shops for new lead-acid batteries
   (including Lead-Acid Battery Suppliers and Manufacturers)

OPTIMORE is the most innovative battery regenerator to renew used sulfated batteries.
It has adopted the intelligent Micom control system with high-frequency pulse system
which is proprietary developed by the cutting-edge technology of ModooTronix.  
Say ¡°good bye¡± to inefficient, oversized SCR transformer type with low-frequency pulse
regenerators as well as simple over-voltage based fake high-frequency pulse type.   

With the most advanced technology, from now on,

OPTIMORE will lead all battery regeneration markets in the world.

This is REGENERATOR!  - The BEST or Nothing!  


1. What is the principle of Battery Regeneration ?

To restore battery, each cell¡¯s sulphation that has generated while repeatedly charging and discharging should become sulfuric solution again (what is called ¡°desulphation¡±).
For desulphation, very safe and proper current should be provided to battery during the regeneration.  Also, to properly activate chemical reaction during the regeneration/charge, constant voltage and very safe pulse wave that combines each of the battery type and charging pattern should be provided to the battery and thus electrical and physical damage of the battery can be prevented by providing safe voltage and current.
The principle of the OPTIMORE regenerator is similar to that of ultrasonic cleaner that cleans fine pollutants of glasses. The generator removes  sulphation to raise the gravity of electrolyte and activates sulfation to restore battery life time and capacity like new battery condition.

2. Why the battery must regenerate on ?

When sulphation accumulates, a lead-acid battery generates the sulphation on the grid inside the cell. This hinders the current and an electron transferred to lower the cell functions. As a result, the battery capacity decreases gradually.
The OPTIMORE battery regenerators are high-tech machines that can restore batteries to be wasted due to capacity lowers by sulphation into a new battery¡¯s capacity.
Recycling all of the lead-acid batteries by the OPTIMORE battery regenerator would extend the battery life time up to twice to three times.

3. What if the inside of a battery sulfates ?

1. Not able to store and supply the current enough
2. Overheats battery cells     
3. Short circuit and physical damage         
4. Decreases battery life time
If the gravity of the battery sulfation lows when the battery is fully charged, the sulphation does not dissolve, but sticks to the grid firmly like tartar.  Thus, changing electrolyte or supplementing sulfuric acid wouldn¡¯t help.
Using a high efficiency battery regenerator like the OPTIMORE battery regenerator cleans the grid of the battery to extend the battery life and to increase the battery capacity.

4. Does the regenerator restore all of the disposal batteries ?

Battery dies permanently when the battery cell is cut or shortens by grid corrosion, short-circuit, hardening, etc. Otherwise, the battery becomes old, which increases internal battery temperature, drops off active materials of the grid, decreases sulfuric acid by nonconductor, faulty battery charge and electrolyte overflow, decreases the weight by the increase of internal temperature and evaporates electrolyte.  
These cause the battery to corrode and oxidize. It leads the battery to lose its functions.  As a result, the battery cannot work anymore.  
These batteries and batteries that have not been used for long after replaced cannot be restored because they oxidized and corroded too much.

5. When is the best time to regenerate batteries ?

The best regeneration time of used battery that the total battery capacity should be remained for 1/3 at least after a full charge.  Generally, battery is never used up to 0%.  If the battery charging state is lower than 40%(For Car battery) ~ 20%(For Deep Cycle), the plates can be damaged and pastes of plate¡¯s activation material can be broken away from the plates.  In this case, please note that the regeneration will be almost impossible.
Battery regeneration should be applied for sulfated batteries only without any other physical damage.

6. Why has the battery regeneration not populated yet ?

1) The regeneration technology of the regenerator is very low now.

A lot of battery regenerators have developed and launched in the market.  However, a regenerator that satisfies customers is still very rare. Thus, it is common that the customers do not trust the regenerator and its business.
The OPTIMORE battery regenerator is a state-of-the-art product with the highest customer satisfaction.     

2) Many customers think that the regenerator should restore all disposal batteries.  

Suppose that a battery has not maintained for long.  Then, the inside electrolyte of all cells were dried. Grids/electrodes should also be  oxidized and corroded. Once oxidized and corroded, the battery is dying or is already dead.  Thus, the battery cannot be restored any more or cannot be well restored.
If any cell of the battery is damaged (cell-cut or cell-short), the battery cannot be restored. 
If electrolyte or inside of a cap of the battery is brown-colored (over-discharged) or black-colored (over-charged), the battery is almost physically dead  and thus it is not possible to restore it.
However, still a lot of customer complain and distrust the regenerator that it does not restore the physically dead batteries.     

3) No experience in restored batteries with no previous example of a battery that is restored by the regenerator.

If a lead-acid battery is restored by the battery regenerator, its capacity increases like the one of a new battery and its life extends twice to three times.  UPS battery can be restored soon after replaced and thus can be replaced with the replacement target battery.  Regeneration (Equalization) maintenance of deep cycle batteries of a forklift or a golf cart once or twice a year regularly saves time and improves the battery life.
However, there is no precedent for and no experience in it, which results in hesitating to try to experiment it.

However, all battery should have the regeneration process, and those restored batteries can drastically cut the cost.

4) Issues of rights of and interests in disposal batteries with existing garbage companies.    

A replaced lead-acid battery after usage disposes as garbage unconditionally. Then, a registered garbage company collects it.  However, 50-55% of the battery consists of lead, which enables you to make about US$0.70~US$0.90/kg. It has been customary for very long that garbage companies remove garbage almost free and gets compensated instead. Thus, it is a business with rights and interests.  Considering that, it is profitable to the garbage companies to dispose garbage and to receive compensation instead of restoring the batteries.  Also, garbage handling staff prefers the current system to hire a garbage company instead of restoring the battery with its complicated procedure because the company handles the garbage including replacing and removing garbage.  This is why the unprecedented battery regeneration is avoided.
However, it is assured that the time would come when all the batteries should be restored for big cost saving in the near future.

7. How to maximize the battery regeneration business ?

1. Franchise system – Battery regeneration centers and workshops

* Minimum machine required: One regenerator can restore most kinds of lead-acid batteries.
* Diffusing Franchise system by region – Differentiating the scale of the franchise
by basic, silver, gold, etc.

2. Maintenance – Telecom Tower UPS and other UPS, forklifts, garbage trucks, golf carts, lifts, scrubbers,  
                        trains, mines, solar, computing centers, banks, military units, national institutions,
                        ships, heavy-duty vehicles, agricultural equipment, etc.

* Restoring service when maintaining regularly – extends lifetime of and increases capacity of a battery 
* Total maintenance contract including maintenance and new battery supply

3. Rental - New Battery Rental Sales

Please note that all other regenerators can make very severe cell damages because the machines are all DC supply with higher voltage forced regeneration type.  When the other machine regenerates, the battery condition seems to be recovered.  But, the battery was materially damaged and it makes a shorter life in substance.   OPTIMORE regenerators are not harmful from the battery regeneration, and it does not give the physical damages comparing with any conventional charger.  On the other hand, all other regenerators are giving very harmful damage to the cells due to the Direct Current with forced higher voltage supply.  OPTIMORE does not give the cell damage with the higher voltage due to the integral equation by positive and negative high-frequency pulse waves (World exclusive technology).  So, OPTIMORE regeneration is very safe from repeated battery regeneration processes.   It means that all rental batteries with OPTIMORE can have 2~3 times than generally buying batteries.   So you can get the margin through 2~3 times extended life spans through the regenerated batteries.  And the batteries will be regenerated and replaced during a specified rental period.   
(According to your business volume, you can control all battery supply markets in your territory from all battery manufacturers).   In near future, most users will prefer to rent all batteries rather than buying.  This will be a Win-Win business for both seller and users.  
* Merit of Rental : Lower Price, Maintenance of stable battery capacity and quality by 2~3 replacements during a rental

8. Paradigm of Battery Regeneration

OPTIMORE battery regeneration technology is a new green technology that revivifies sulphation on the grid of a dead battery by unique electronic and high frequency pulse technology and that activates internal sulfation and regenerates chemical response actively to restore charge/discharge capacity of the battery.

The OPTIMORE battery regeneration technology is a
green growth technology that extends the battery life twice to three times. It is a breakthrough that contributes to cost saving as well as global warming, energy scarcity and environment pollution. Thus, it is a necessary technology in the world and will become a new paradigm of battery recycling and regeneration and maintenance industry through standardizing national technology in the near future.

The OPTIMORE battery regenerators are the new innovative green renewable energy products that is absolutely competitive over price and effectiveness.  Thus, it is possible that the business becomes a world-wide one.  Recently the world has become more interested in new renewable energy, how to measure climate change and how to reduce carbon emission.
Under the circumstance, it is expected that  launching the products would impact greatly world batteries market in the future.

We will develop a variety of OPTIMORE products including quick-chargers and prolong life chargers to become a pioneer and the best in the industry.


 Motto of ModooTronix Inc.