1. What are the differences with regular chargers ?

The main cause of damage done on battery is caused by the sulfate which is attracted to battery electrodes.  Conventional chargers simply charges voltage of the battery, which does not take account of battery type and attributes. As a consequence, it results in significantly reduced charging efficiency and stability of the battery due to damages. Also, conventional transformer type chargers are much less energy efficient, heavier and bigger.

ECOMORE Battery Regenerator ME-200C

Therefore, in comparison with other regular chargers, our products provide more suited restoration processes through optimized regeneration & charge algorithms.  This is the main difference from regular chargers, which only provides simple, fixed voltage & current when charging. Without considering the battery condition or type, there is high possibility to potentially damage the battery from overcharging.  In order to resolve it, there will be a staff required to manually check for voltage of the battery when charging, which will lead to poor efficiency.

In case of OPTIMORE Regenerator, we have reached the highest regeneration efficiency by applying Micom Smart Control System and Optimal Pulse Regeneration Algorithm Data that includes most of the battery types used in the world.  As a result, OPTIMORE successfully minimizes damages done on the battery while restoration process using High-frequency Pulse.   Batteries can be restored back to original performance level through charging and regenerating with their useful life extended by up to two or three times as long.

With the world exclusive high-frequency pulse and restoration algorithm, it can restore inside cells by melting sulfate crystals on the plates and grids, and it can improve its capacity and life span as almost similar as new battery condition.  OPTIMORE Battery regenerators were developed by the World Exclusive Technology, and these make the remarkable micro-bubble featured de-sulfation effects by the real high-frequency pulsations.  And these can make the highest charging performance for used-batteries.  OPTIMORE technology is the revolutionary invention for battery life extension and cost savings!   

2. Summary of Features

¡Ü  Smart Control System by MICOM
     - Control minute electric current & voltage depending
       on the type of battery
     - Restoring and recharging for large capacity batteries
     - Minimizes damage to electrodes and restrain accumulation
       of sulfate on electrodes
     - Lowest power consumption

ECOMORE Battery Condition Tester  ME-300T

¡Ü  Optimized HF Pulse regeneration and charging algorithm
    - Utilizes special pattern information on various battery kinds and
      characteristics with High-frequency Pulse
    - Prevents electrical / physical damage when restoring and
      charging batteries
    - Prolongs battery lifecycle

¡Ü  Wide Application Range
    - Can regenerate and charge medium-capacity batteries
    - Can restore and charge GEL and AGM VRLA type batteries
    - Can restore and charge up to 48V of multiple batteries simultaneously

¡Ü  Safety
    - Maintains low battery temperature during restoring
      (Input over-voltage protection)
    - Stable current / voltage supply (Control input voltage variation function)  
    - Prevents potential hazard caused by high battery temperature


3. OPTIMORE Technology

OPTIMORE Battery Regeneration Technology is the world first invention for removing sulfates by real High-Frequency Pulse. Our High-Frequency Pulse technology is the most advanced method among all battery regeneration methods for removing sulfates and rejuvenate its electromotive force.

Why OPTIMORE¡¯s technology is very different from the other company's technology ?  

SMPS makes desired voltages by high-frequency switching after changing Alternating Current (AC) into Direct Current (DC). In this, if generated electricity was supplied to a battery, due to resisting load in a battery itself, it would have a high possibility that a component in SMPS (FET) would be damaged. Thus, since output shock from SMPS should be relieved, by using a condenser and a choke coil, resisting load inside of a battery would be minimized. Therefore, actually supplied thing from SMPS to a battery can be Direct Current (DC) rather than High-Frequency Pulse.  SMPS can actually makes High-Frequency Pulse, however ironically, SMPS of other competitors  prevent to output High-Frequency Pulse due to the damage of their regenerators.  

Because of this technical limitation, there was no company can solve the problem providing real High-Frequency Pulse to a battery from regenerator directly.  That is a reason that regenerators using High-Frequency Pulse could not be boosted and commercialized so far.  All the other competitors insist that their technology is based on High-Frequency Pulse, but they can show some signals through screen of Oscilloscope by connecting two Probes coming from the transformer of SMPS. However, that can be wrong measurement and pulse which doesn't enter into a battery gives any help to the regeneration.
Definitely, real High-Frequency Pulse should be confirmed by connecting probes to battery terminals. Since High-Frequency Pulse is too much weak, it can't provide any help for regenerating. Due to those limitations, since direct connection to the battery terminals with Oscilloscope can be showing as direct current (DC) only, so other companies never show it to customers. OPTIMORE regenerators are the only regenerator which can make the superior regeneration by supplying real High-Frequency Pulse included current at the same time.


Adoption of MICOM Smart Control System enables OPTIMORE regenerator to provide variable input / output voltage and current for batteries.   It enables to control minute electric current & voltage at optimal high-frequency pulse ways when restoring and charging batteries of different kinds. This makes it possible to restore and charge large capacity batteries while significantly reducing weight, size and cost compared to the conventional transformer types.  
To cater for the different voltage needs of different countries, it covers variable  input voltage and power.


With our proprietary know-how and technology, we achieved the highest charging efficiency by integrating optimal HF Pulse charging algorithm classified by battery types and attributes used worldwide. It can restore batteries back to its original performance level through charging and regenerating without any electrical and physical damages done to the battery.
It also extends the functional life of the  battery by up to two ~ three times as longer.


Through the use of Smart Control System and Pulse Regeneration Charging Algorithm, OPTIMORE Regenerator minimizes damages done to battery with its ability to automatically control minute current and voltage inputs / outputs to prevent over-voltage.  It is an innovative pulse power technology for restoring and charging at the same time, which is what makes us more competitive than anyone else in the market.


When charging or restoring, if the battery temperature is too high, it could lead to damage and possible explosion. This is a very serious  matter when restoring and charging battery.  With OPTIMORE Regenerator, there is no risk of damage or explosion as it maintains temperature level within acceptable range through various algorithm of HF pulse regeneration.


OPTIMORE Regenerator prevents temperature rise, which is caused by unnecessary conversion of current to heat while charging. The power consumption of OPTIMORE will be 10~20% only compared to other oversized transformer type regenerators.


ECOMORE's Pulse Figure coming from 12V Battery Terminals


4. Technology Differentiation from other products

1. Different from other products that are designed to restore by
    hardware, the regenerator is designed to restore via software
    by micro-computer algorithm.
    Thus, its circuit is simple to reduce its failure rate.

ECOMORE Battery Regenerator ME-400E

2. The software regeneration enables it to restore any of battery
    including the new one by modifying and complementing the
    method fast.

3. Using each push buttons of MD-200C/300T/400E and MD-700M
    provide very easy to use by user-friendly design.

4. New technology pattern by type / function of the battery is
    built in it to control the method of Pulse by battery type. (AUTO)

5. Its high frequency pulse and high frequency current restores
    up to 50% faster than existing other regenerators.

6. Weight is much less than SCR regenerators with low frequency.  Thus, all machines are portable.   

7. The most effective in minimizing damage to electrodes and in restraining sulphation electrodes by using high frequency pulse.

8. Built-in software algorithm that searches for optimum frequency to fit the battery capacity by using a microcomputer.

9. Output power supply that uses Switching Mode Power Supply (SMPS) enables it to consume power very small compared to
    low frequency  method.  

10. High frequency pulse enables it to control electric / physical damage of the battery.    

11. Able to use as a battery regenerator and charger with large capacity.
     (Recommend to restore up to 400 Ah, but able to restore up to 1,000 Ah : MD-400E / MD-700M).  

12. Able to restore and charge all kinds of lead-acid batteries including GEL and AGM type ones.

13. Able to restore and charge all kinds of electric forklifts and golf carts up to 24V ~ 48V at once and
     up to 12V batteries x 2 batteries and 4 batteries(with MD-400E / MD-700M) at the same time.     

14. Safe supply of voltage/current (able to control deviation of input voltage 80V - 240V) when equal to and below 300Ah only.
     Over 300Ah = Alternative 110 / 220V.     

15. Less battery heat release by restoring via pulse compared to other products.    

16. No risk of explosion because the pulse regeneration with micro bubbles.  

17. Chargers and other regenerators make big bubbles (What we call ¡°battery solution boils¡±).  But OPTIMORE shows smaller or
     micro-bubble figures.

18. The regeneration principle is to remove sulphation similar to that of ultrasonic cleaner that cleans pollutants of glasses.

19. Built-in system to prevent lightning, counter voltage and internal heating with over current protection circuit.

20. Monitoring and remote control via a computer.


5. Features of OPTIMORE Regenerator

ECOMORE Battery Regenerator ME-700M

1. Designed to the pulse regeneration algorithm in a MICOM,
   and it can be a smart control.  Automatic restoration &
   charging patterns according to battery types & conditions.

- Optimized high-frequency restoring and charging. Depending on each
  different type of battery, it automatically controls voltage and current.  
  (Can be restored and charged for various input voltage and current
   types of batteries - Fine tuning of voltage and current)
- OPTIMORE Regenerators are designed by a Micro Computer with optimized
  regeneration algorithm software, therefore, the circuit systems are
  simple and failure rate seldom occurs. On the other hands,
  most competitor¡¯s products are designed by hardware systems.

2. Acceptable Battery Voltages :
   Each unit supports up to DC 6V ~ DC 48V (MD-400E / MD-700M),
   DC 6V ~ DC 12V (MD-200C / MD-300T)

- i.e.  Same conditioned 12V batteries, OPTIMORE can charge and restore
  batteries with serial connections up to 8 batteries (12V x 4 pcs. = 48V)
  at the same time.
- Forklift / Telecom Batteries 2V x 24 cells  =  48V bank at the same time.

3. Supported medium capacity of battery : Each unit restores up to
   400Ah battery.

i.e.  2V battery with a medium capacity, OPTIMORE supports up to 400Ah capacity, it can restore larger volume batteries such as Forklifts¡¯, Golf Carts¡¯ and UPS batteries.

4. Compact Design & Performance (MD-200C / 300T / 400E / 700M)

Despite compact size and improved mobility, it handles larger volume batteries with much better restoring and charging

5. Easy & Convenient User Interface Screens

Programmed on optimized charging algorithm classified by battery kind and feature developed by our proprietary
know-how and technology.  

6. Monitoring  in All of OPTIMORE Regenerators

Monitoring print out by USB connection with PC (¡®USB AM-AM Cable with double-shielded¡¯ Optional).

7. Removal of pollutants (sulfate) & simultaneous charge functions  

When using the battery for a long time, accumulation of sulfate causes battery lead (Acid) to rust.  This lowers the efficiency of recharge as well as battery Life.  Therefore, even rechargeable batteries would not be recharged as much as before. OPTIMORE removes the sulfate within the battery using high-frequency pulse waves, which restores the original battery capacity and performance.    

8. Programmed to prevent future sulfate rusting.

Sulfate is removed during the OPTIMORE regeneration process. It also prevents future accumulation of sulfate on the lead, keeping the restored state longer.   

9. Extends battery life by up to twice as long.

Conventional charging methods can not remove sulfate within the battery. Therefore, expected battery life is around 3 years. However, with OPTIMORES¡®s restoration capability, battery life can be extended to more than five to seven years.

10. OPTIMORE equalizes the performance all cells in the battery by improving performance of the inferior cells.

In case of battery with multiple cells, the performance of an inferior cell is severely lowered with the lapse of time.
OPTIMORE is able to identify these inferior cells by an internal program, and improves the performance which equalizes the performance of the battery as a whole.

11. Can restore various types of batteries (Pb, GEL, AGM types and so on)

12. Safety

-  Keeps temperature level low ; With the optimal High-frequency Pulse, prevents from the surge in temperature occurred
   by unnecessary conversion of current to heat while regenerating or charging.
-  Minimize the damage done to battery with stable current and voltage supply through Smart Control System in MICOM.
-  Prevents build-up of sulfate from minimizing damage to electrodes by optimized high-frequency pulse.
-  Minimize evaporation of distilled water by keeping low temperature level during charging process.
-  Reduce the power consumption by at least 70~90% compared to conventional transformer type regenerators.


Why should buy the OPTIMORE Battery Regenerators?  

¡Ü Exclusive Advantages - All New Innovation!

1. Exclusive technology

- The most advanced and optimized real high-frequency pulse regeneration technology.     

2. Exclusive smart control system and HF pulse charging curve patterns in a high-grade

3. Exclusive regeneration software algorithm    

- Maximum restoration effect and Minimal cell damage.

4. Exclusive highest technology basis advanced circuit system design.

5. Exclusive bubble figure

- The highest battery restoration performance with micro bubble desulfation process.     

6. Exclusive regeneration performance

- What could be better than OPTIMORE?   We are confident that there¡¯s nothing better!   

7. Exclusive easy control and easy user interface by push buttons set up (EM-400E / 700M).

8. Exclusive full automatic regeneration process and fastest desulfation & charge time.
    (15 hours including a full charge)

9. Exclusive Graph output and printing by USB connection with PC (Microscopic analysis
     of regeneration process).

10. Exclusive elegant and modern exterior housing design with achromatic colors.


¡Ü Special Advantages - All New Innovation!  

1. Universal compatibility

- All kinds of Lead-acid batteries from 6V to 48V and 40Ah~400Ah. (MD-400E / MD-700M)
- All kinds of Lead-acid batteries from 6V to 12V and 40Ah~300Ah. (MD-200C / MD-300T)

2. A full automatic operation by very simple set up (The easiest user interface).

3. Excellent system durability and stability    

- Lowest defects by good quality parts and stable system.      

4. Lowest power consumption. (e.g. 12V 100Ah = about 2 KW power consumption totally)

- The highest battery restoration performance with micro bubble desulfation process.  

5. Adoption of various electrical safety protection system.

6. No battery explosion with the advanced circuit system and micro-bubble desulfation

7. Sustaining lower temperature in the battery by automatic output voltage & current

8. Satisfactory customer service and quick after service.

9. Portable light weights and easy to carry.

10. Using anywhere with AC220V single phase or AC110V single phase. (50~60 Hz)


¡Ü We are proud that ModooTronix Inc. in Korea is the most advanced developer
   and manufacturer for the battery regeneration systems.  

¡Ü We have a full line up of battery regenerators and dischargers to make the
   regeneration centers in franchise.


Comparison of Regenerator Old Products(ZEUS) and  New Products(OPTIMORE)


Old Product - ZEUS
(The 1st Generation Technology)

New Product - OPTIMORE
 (The 3rd Generation Technology)

Model No.






Regeneration Method

DC with higher voltage

Optimized High-Frequency Pulse 

Strength of Pulse

Intermittent weak Pulse

Current inclusive Pulse

Display Monitor

3 inch Character LCD

75 x 25mm Character LCD

Initial Setup Control

Button Input Setup

Easy Button Input Setup

Process Type

Industrial Micro Process (10bit AD)

Industrial Micro Process (10bit AD)

Input Power

AC 220V Single Phase only

AC 200V ~ 250V Single Phase

battery Voltages
for Identification

DC 12V Battery Only

No identification Mode with MD-400E / 700M

For Identification is by OPTIMORE EM-300T
(DC 6V~12V)

Battery Voltages for

DC 12V ~ 48V

Adjustable DC 6V ~ 48V

Battery Capacity

Maximum setting up to 300Ah

Maximum setting up to 400Ah

Simultaneous Regeneration/Charge

Up to DC 48V
(DC 12V x 4 batteries & DC 2V x 24 batteries
in a serial connection)

Up to DC 48V
(DC 12V x 4 batteries & DC 2V x 24 batteries
in a serial connection)

Output Current

Maximum 20A
(DC 6~36V : 20A, DC 48V : 15A)

Maximum 40A
(DC 6~48V : 40A)

Power Cunsumption



Discharge Capacity

ZBR-A01 : Maximum 450W

MD-400E : without Discharger

MD-700M : with Discharger

Max. Discharge Current

Maximum 30A (at 12V)

Operation Mode
(Combined functions)

ZBR-A01 : 4-in-1
1. Identification Mode (AUT)
2. Regeneration Mode
3. Charge Mode
4. Discharge Mode

ZBR-A04 : 2-in-1
1. Regeneration Mode
2. Charge Mode 

MD-400E : 2-in-1
1. Regeneration Mode
2. Charge Mode

MD-700M : 3-in-1
1. Regeneration Mode
2. Charge Mode

3. Discharge Mode (10kW)

Bubble figure
in Electrolyte when Regeneration

Air-bubble figure

Micro-bubble figure
(World Exclusive Feature)

Net Weight

Approx. 8Kg / 5Kg

 MD-400E : Approx. 17Kg
MD-700M : Approx. 70Kg


All kinds of lead-acid battery of
DC 6V ~ DC 48V

All kinds of lead-acid battery of
DC 6V ~ DC 48V


 1. Easy Operation
 2. Portable type, Convenient to carry  
 3. Minimized Power Consumption

1. Included all upgraded functions of ZBR-A04  
2. Convenient setup by push buttons
3. Elegant exterior design with achromatic colors
4. Variable regeneration methods by Power supply Mode
5. Highest technology basis advanced circuit system design
6. Lowest defects by good quality parts and stable system   
7. Reducing regeneration time against others
8. Optimized high-frequency pulse desulfation
9. No explosion with fine-bubble desulfation process


1. It must improve all system as the
2. Need to reinforce its Durability
3. Analog Interface System and Display
4. Old exterior design and low-priced system


Product Image